Saturday 29 January 2011

Imperial Winter Series Race 10; Saturday 29th January

Photo courtesy of LondonCycleSport
A distinctly cool 2ºC with a fresh northerly wind to add a wind-chill that left my hands numb until the race had been on long enough to get the circulation going. A few spirited attacks off the front but (as far as I could see) again nothing stuck. We passed the 4th cats twice, once whilst they were racing and again as they were warming down and not yet cleared the circuit. Every time the pace picked up to haul someone in I found my self at (but thankfully never off) the back. The sprint straight into the wind was interrupted by a sortie onto the grass on the right so I just kept left to roll in at the back of the bunch.
24.9m in 1h:01m:20s. Average speed 24.4mph. Top speed 32.9 mph.

Photo courtesy of Lucy Collin

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  1. In manchester this day cycling the lanes which are a lot colder than last week in hillingdon.

    Thanks to your post some of your followers paid a visit and there is a new post on Lung Cancer today with Karen's ride from Adelaide to Melbourne underway.
    See or go direct to Karen's site