Thursday 27 January 2011

CTC Cycle Magazine Article Clarification and Update

There are, I fear, inaccuracies in the latest CTC magazine 'Road Safety Watch' about my experiences in two quite separate incidents.

1.  On 4th November 2010, I was threatened by a motorist.  I had helmet cam footage and took it to the police.  Initially the Police and CPS decided to take no action.  I complained, did get a response, and an investigation is now taking place.  I had a letter from a Senior Crown Prosecutor yesterday telling me that the police had been asked to make further enquiries.  I do not know, but I interpret this as suggesting that the police have still not interviewed the suspect.  I await further developments.

2.  On 12th December 2010, a motorist jumped out of his car and assaulted me and a club-mate.  I did not have my camera but there was overwhelming evidence including that of an independant witness.  The motorist was traced by the police, interviewed, accepted his guilt and was given a police caution.  I queried the decision to caution the offender with the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police.  I received an e mail yesterday apologising for delay and saying that this would be investigated by an Inspector.  I have asked Thames Valley Police for the name and address of my assailant but have been told that this request will not be considered until I put it into a letter.

I have separately written to the Home Secretary but have still not received any substantive response.  I will now have to take this up with my own MP.

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  1. Had you been turned into a Paralympic medal winning athlete as a result of the push you received the CPS & Police may well be telling you "It was for the best" !

    These people in those organisations ONLY act out of self interest . Why should they make an effort unless pushed into taking action ?
    IT IS THEIR JOB to look out for the cyclist and see fair treatment , but that is to hard for them as it means WORK . Far easier to take the soft option , less chance of upsetting the likes of jeremy clarkson and others of his ilk.