Tuesday 11 January 2011

Heated Debate

Our print and broadcast media love a heated debate.  Following the publication of Paul Bignell's articeHeat and timing for them is everything, naturally enough since they wish to attract readers, viewers and listeners.  I was delighted that Paul Bignell of The Independent on Sunday finally got his editor to accept for publication his article but I am a little disappointed it had to take the death of a high profile sportsman, Gary Mason, before the timing was thought to be right.

Paul and I met some while ago after he had seen my article Cycling against the Car Culture which I had hawked unsuccessfully around the broadsheets.  Perhaps I ought to make it clear that I know nothing, as yet, of the circumstances of the tragic death of Mr Mason and my disquiet at the workings of the Criminal Justice System relate to the cases covered in my article and some more recent cases covered in these pages.  Followers of this blog will also know that I have acknowleged some rays of hope  (for instance following the tragic deaths of Major Gareth Rhys Evans and of Mrs Catriona Patel.)  What I believe is still required is the consistent adoption of best practice across the country's police forces, prosecutors and judges.

Following Paul's article I was contacted by BBC Radio 5 live who wished to arrange a debate over cycling and wanted someone to put up against a 'motoring journalist' one Adam Rayner.  They were looking for somebody controversial

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