Tuesday 27 May 2014

Tour of Wessex 25th May 2014

My first really challenging ride since my crash.  I find to my consternation that this is the 8th time in 9 years that I have done a day of the Tour of Wessex.  I am a full hour slower than at my peak in 2009 but actually not all that much slower than last year.  The real difference is that in earlier years I would have chatted to my riding companions in a relatively relaxed manner whereas this year I was hanging on for all my worth and only doing turns at the front (though quite long turns on occasion) when going up hill.  Strava can be a cruel tool as it shows my reduced form over virtually every segment.  Psychologically as well as physically I am struggling to ride in the wheels; I was either hanging off the back or in the front; my trust of fellow riders has taken a knock which will take some time to restore.  I think my performance indicates that for the etape this year I will at least survive and stay ahead of the broom wagon though without doing anything spectacular.

It is a fantastic ride through absolutely stunning countryside.  Every year there are more and more participants.  It is a truly great day out whether you are in top form or not.  Again I am in awe of those who do all three days.

116 miles in 6h41m with 7,054 feet of climbing.

Sunday 11 May 2014

Thames Velo 30th Anniversary Top Results



1 Tom Neale
2 Danny Axford
3 Benjamin Luckwell
4 Steve Golla
5 James Notley
6 James Fox
7 Roy Chamberlain
8 Lee Smith
9 Martin Ford
10 Grant Bayton
11 Billy Osmond
12 Justin Belcher

3/4 Race
1 James Waters
2 Michael Burke
3 Philip Pearson
4 Sean Dines
5 James Leach
6 Adam Moore
7 James Archibald
8 Richard Stanton
9 Tim Butt
10 David Kingsbury