Saturday 15 January 2011

Imperial Winter Series Race 8 - Saturday 15th January

Photo Courtesy LondonCycleSport

Unseasonably mild at 12.5°C but with a very strong blustery south-westerly wind which caught me out early in the race.  I was on a wheel round a bend turning into the wind but a gap opened ahead and I just could not get by.  I and a few others were dropped, though I did struggle on to finish last.   So no meaningful stats or report from me this week.  Lessons must be learnt from such failures.


  1. Not related to this post, but your comment over at mine was held up in moderation. I've added you to the reader, and I hope I get a more satisfactory response than you did with your Driver. (What is it about BMWs)

  2. Martin,

    I don't know if you have heard, but a young, talented rider named Lewis Balyckyi (18) was tragically killed last night following a collision with a white transit van in Lancashire. In four weeks time, he was due to head out to Brittany to race for a semi-pro team. A number of my friends raced and worked with Lewis and as the accident occurred locally to myself, I feel a deep sense of shock.
    Although blame has not yet been apportioned, I feel this tragedy highlights the vulnerability of cyclists on British roads. I therefore thank you for your campaign for better road safety and hope that it may continue.