Friday 14 September 2012

The Timothy Denman Saga drags on

Back in April this year I obtained a Judgment against the thug who pushed me off my bicycle because he hates cyclists.  The Judgment is for £1,254.  To date not a penny has been paid.  Denman offered £40 a month which I considered derisory.

I know nothing about the enforcement of Judgments and have little desire to learn so I am very happy to have received the backing of the CTC to instruct lawyers to deal with this.  However Denman's offer was yesterday endorsed by the Court and he has not been ordered to pay a penny towards the costs my lawyers have incurred, which are unavoidably substantial in comparison to the Judgment sum

All avenues of enforcement are closed whilst he keeps up this derisory level of payment.  It appears that Courts ooze sympathy for private individuals who cannot pay their bills.  Whether it is helpful to anybody in the long run to make Judgments between private citizens not worth the paper they are printed on is something I would question.  But for the CTC's support my Judgment would be of negative worth after costs even once he has paid in full.  And of course interest does not run.

So much for the Thames Valley Police advice given after they had decided to caution Denman; never mind I could inflict some punishment by suing him.

Denman is laughing all the way back to one of his two motor cars, which he needs (he informed the Court and the Court appears to have accepted) because he has 2 young children.


  1. Can't say I'm surprised, unfortunately

  2. What would it take to make cycling a religion?

  3. Has anyone tried talking to their local police 'Hate crimes unit' ?

    There may be some mileage in using the term 'motorism', analagous to 'racism', 'sexism', 'homophobism', and 'religionism' (?) etc.

    Of course, it would make 'motorist' a derogatory term !

    There are strong similarities:
    dehumanising denigration of people who are different;
    ingrained illogical arguments that persist as 'zombie fallacies';
    persecution of minorities;
    denying the right to a lifestyle;
    no respect for culture or community;
    jealousy of a freedom;
    resenting another who can't be compared in a 'pecking-order' of status (mph, bhp, cc, 0-60)

    It might be worth contacting Peter Tatchell - he recently spoke out against Democracy, in so far as it legitimizes the oppression of a minority by the majority.

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  5. I am even crosser and more gutted than you are! Keep it up though, Martin, you are doing great work with your blog.

  6. Since we have closed debtors prisons, it is indeed very difficult to enforce payment on people with few liquid assets. Or even on those who do - remember Shirley Porter?

    1. I thought Martin's point was the guy owns two cars. He could surely sell one.

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  7. You say he has two children? And he's been found guilty of an irrational, spontaneous and uncontrolled act of violence. I would suggest that that means he is not safe to remain with the children unsupervised and Social Services should be immediately informed. After all, one of them may come home with a school friend on a bicycle.