Wednesday 7 July 2010


Obviously with the Tour underway the thoughts of many of us turn to racing.  Anyone who followed my reports of the Winter Series will have gained the fair impression that I am a lot more enthusiastic than talented.  This is my third season.  In my first (2008) I scored 2 points with an 8th place in a torrential downpour; last season I managed 2nd in a 'Go-Race' after a long 2 man break but 'Go-Races' do not really count and I got no points all season.  In my last etape preparation report I proudly boasted a 9th place and 1 point in a Circuit Race at Hillingdon.
Last weekend I picked up 7 points.  1 for a 10th place at Dunsfold following a long, but ultimately unsuccessful, 2 man break with the guy who was strongest in the race (he proved that by winning the bunch sprint); then on Sunday I kicked myself for missing the 3 man break in roaring winds at the Omega Thornley Island Circuits, but managed to get in the second break of 3 and outsprinted the other two for 4th place and 6 points.
A flash in the pan? - or am I finally finding some racing legs? - time will tell though time is already running out for me this season with the etape and the (for me, non-cycling) summer holiday.
For the uninitiated, at the lowest level of British Cycling 10 points are required for promotion from a 4th category to a 3rd category rider.  The rules are deliciously vague about whether these points need to be acquired in any particular time; but since many take the view they should be acquired in one season I shall continue a 4th cat as long as I can, whilst still trying to do the best I can in races.
My recent focus on racing may backfire at the etape if I go off like a rocket and lose all oomph after a few hours.

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  1. Seven points - well done! Concentrate on the Etape now and do a few late-season races (end-Aug - Oct) and you'll make it to 3rd cat. Then you can prepare for disappointment and frustration all over again...
    On the plus side you'll have more choice of road races next year if that's what floats your boat. Good luck up the Tourmalet.