Thursday 1 July 2010

Etape - 2 1/2 weeks to go

With the Grand Depart in Rotterdam on Saturday, and the Etape on 18th, we are onto the final countdown.  I managed to top 1,000 miles in June (1,007 to be precise) in 67 hours with quite a few 4th cat (got 9th and a BC point at one of these!) and LVRC races at Hillingdon; one 3/4 at Eelmore (I still get dropped there with the constant accelerating required).  Only been able to make one Surrey League Handicap Race, unfortunately, but discovered and did my first of their Dunsfold Park series.  Two cyclosportives and a club run for greater distance and the usual handful of commutes.  I probably will not be doing an awful lot more before I head off two weeks from today on the Eurostar.
Got my weight down to (well more or less) what it was last year to tackle Ventoux, and have taken steps to try and alleviate the footpain I have been getting on longer rides.
I now have my entry number, 2904, which is closer to the front than I have been before, so hopefully I won't have to pick my way past quite so many people on the first hill.
I'll be riding in my Thames Velo kit, so if you see me there, say hello.
Enjoy this year's Tour

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