Wednesday 21 July 2010

Etape Diary Friday 16th June

At 0710 we rolled into Pau and the four of us enjoyed a breakfast in the still relatively cool morning air. Through a complete miscomprehension of where my hotel was, I set off by foot with bike case to my hotel, enticing Alex to come with me. It was nowhere near as close as I had thought and after seeking directions we found our nearly adjacent hotels 6 kms away. To his credit there was never a word of complaint from Alex, though we did resolve to share a taxi back to the station on Monday morning. There are some limits to how low carbon I can make my holidays.
Got into the room and reassembled the bike before a very rare steak at a supermarket restaurant round the corner. Returned to my room to watch the Tour and then headed off to the etape village at the Racecourse, hoping to avoid the worst heat of the day. I duly presented my passport in return for my rider number. It did not take long to explore the village; just a very quick ‘Hi’ to Sandy at Bikefit, who recently fitted my feet out, as he was with a customer, before returning to the hotel, dinner and a chance to catch up some sleep.

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