Tuesday 15 December 2009

The trouble with cycle lanes

I am not a fan.  On my commute in this morning I was using a cycle lane to filter on the nearside past stationary traffic in Isleworth when a right turning car took me out.  I landed rather ungracefully on his bonnet.  Fortunately neither of us was going very fast (15mph my Garmin says) and I am essentially unhurt.  Looking at Google Maps (me left to right in that very narrow cycle lane) I see that the lane markings have changed since the satellite photograph as the cycle lane now extends past the driveway to the bus stop.   I would normally overtake on the offside but the cycle lane meant the stationary traffic was further out so, with a central traffic island, there was no room.  When passing a side road I am always in the primary position or to the offside of stationary traffic but I had not noticed this driveway nor had I seen the gap in traffic that enabled the oncoming car to turn right into my path.
I can now confirm that not all accidents are reported to the police.  I shall not bother [edit: actually I shall; I will try to report by email and see if the Metropolitan Police now make reporting easy]- the last time I was taken out on a roundabout and ended up in hospital the police agreed not to prosecute the motorist if she went on a course.  I will report it to CTC's SMIDSY campaign instead.


  1. Well, count yourself lucky you're not getting insurers chasing you, attempting to suggest that you were at fault for being in your lane!

    Hope the bike came out of it Ok ...

  2. Yes the commuter bike's tougher than I am thanks Tim. I am not sure if I left a dent in the car bonnet - if insurers were to chase me than I would say 'bring it on'; I enjoy a good scrap.