Saturday 12 December 2009

Imperial Winter Series Race 2

A fine day but with a stiff northerly wind for the second race of the Winter Series.  3 Thames Velo riders in the 4th cat event and 2 in the 3rds today - a record at least in recent years.  We were given advice on the start line as to how to avoid last week's difficulties with the coming together of the two races but in fact the problem solved itself this week.  Perhaps we 4th cats were marginally faster, or the 3rd cats marginally slower or both, but we were blissfully undisturbed by each other.  The field was not quite as crowded as last week's 70 riders but was still fairly full.  I aimed to keep near the front for at least the first 30 minutes.  For a short moment I thought I might have made it into a break of 5 but the pack has a capacity to put on an impressive burst of speed both to reel in any breaks and to leave me for standing in the final lap.  My teammate Andy fared better, in only his second race, he got towards the front and stayed there until the final sprint.
Average speed 24mph

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