Sunday 20 December 2009

Imperial Winter Series Race 3 - Saturday 19th December 2009

Not quite so many on the start line this time around.  Perhaps the freezing temperature had something to do with that.  By the start time the worst of the ice had been chipped off the circuit or hidden under strategically placed cones.  After a lap or two the cold no longer mattered.  I felt good and at no time got trapped at the back, though the smaller field definitely helped there.  Unhappily there was a crash immediately ahead of me on the last lap coming out of the tight bend.  I had to stop for that but then restarted and about six of us passed the 3rd cats (who not only moved over but shouted encouragement) and sprinted for the line for who knows what lowly position (21st it turns out!)
Average speed 23.6mph.

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