Saturday 26 December 2009

Imperial Winter Series Boxing Day Race

A tradition far more wholesome and less controversial than the Boxing Day Hunts is the Imperial Winter Series Boxing Day Races which I took part in for the first time today.  A stiff wind down the backstraight made any breakaways virtually impossible though some (including my teammate for over a lap) had a good go.  Seemed faster than recent weeks but that must have been an effect of the wind, as was the dropping of a fair few this week.  I was finding it difficult to keep tabs on what was going on, mistaking two dropped riders at one point for a break.  I was there for the sprint but barely and got obstructed by a slower rider taking a racing line through the S bends oblivious to anyone behind.  That's racing: you have to be both strong and in the right place.
Average speed 23.1

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