Friday 20 January 2012

Dangerous and Reckless Cycling (Offences) Bill

Andrea Leadson MP was not in the House of Commons today to move her Dangerous and Reckless Cycling (Offences) Bill which was called on at 14:35 after a lengthy debate which talked out a Daylight Saving Bill.  I am not an expert in Parliamentary procedure but I think we can assume that it will not be back.


  1. It gets its second reading today :(

    1. Not according to the Parliament website "Latest News on the Bill": The Bill was not moved for debate on 20 January 2012. The order to read the Bill a second time lapsed. There is no indication when the Bill will progress further.


  3. so she was just doing it to get in the papers? Surprise. Or someone pointed out you can already be prosecuted for endangering people on a bike or otherwise.

  4. I suspected it was a half-baked publicity stunt. The verdict of the court case seemed to be at complete odds with the evidence. It would seem that had the incident involved a motor-vehicle, we would never have heard about it. However, once the cyclophobic press got hold of the story, the cyclist was demonised.

  5. Maybe she wasn't there because she was out riding her bike? One can but wish...