Friday 10 December 2010


I am very grateful to Roadpeace, the charity that does so much invaluable work supporting those bereaved by road crashes, and works so hard to reduce the carnage on our roads, for this message of support.

"RoadPeace is in complete support of your efforts to get the police and CPS to take the case of a driver threatening to kill you seriously. Their reluctance to give it proper consideration is indicative of the wider problem we have on our roads where drivers believe that they can drive aggressively, dangerously and in a life-threatening manner, particularly around cyclists, with impunity. A message needs to be sent out to these road users that their dangerous behavior will not be tolerated by the law. The use of the car as a dangerous weapon is strangely tolerated, even more puzzling when it is responsible for over 6 deaths a day in the UK, and one every 27 seconds worldwide. The use of any other weapon/drug/military intervention causing such level of devastation would never be tolerated.

We have called in the past for the definition of dangerous and careless driving to be consistent with that used by DVLA examiners. We can only assume that the driver involved would have failed his test if he had driven like this. Let’s expect drivers to drive as they would on their test, and let’s have a policing and judicial approach that backs that up."

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  1. Whenever CPS & Police personnel refuse to consider evidence such as you were able to provide they are demonstrating BIAS and a lack of ability to do the job for which the public purse is paying !

    Had it been a family member in your situation their outrage would have seen the perpetrator behind bars by now.

    Media personnel are generally lazy in that they go with the flow and it only needs ignorant chefs and illiterate TV "personalities" badmouthing "cyclists" for them to take a biased point of view or find an easier subject to broadcast.

    Sensationalism sells and when & only when the perpetrator of this incident is convicted will you get the attention of the public for the "15mins of fame" then overnight it will all slip over the horizon.

    How people pass their driving license and then go on to be hoons in a vehicle defies belief ?