Friday 31 December 2010

Home Office Response

A Home Office official at the 'Direct Communications Unit' has diverted my letter addressed to Theresa May MP to the Ministry of Justice on the grounds that 'the matters raised are the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice'.
All in a day's work I suppose to redirect a complaint on to somebody else, but is it not truely deeply shocking that an official at the Home Office does not appreciate that his/her department is responsible for the police service?
I have heard that other complaints involving the police have been misdirected in a similar way.
I shall be e mailing again asking that my letter be put before the Home Secretary.

"Dear Sirs,

I have received a letter dated 23rd December indicating that my letter of 22nd December (a copy of which is again attached) has been passed to the Ministry of Justice by an individual whose signature looks like 'M. Mioh'.
Kindly note that my letter was addressed to, and intended for, Theresa May MP, the Home Secretary and should not be redirected to the Ministry of Justice.
I find it disappointing that anybody working in the Home Office should think that the matters I raise in my letter about the police are the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice. They are not.
I would be grateful for your early confimation that my letter has been passed to Mrs May.
Yours faithfully,
Martin Porter"


  1. Enjoy the New Year Martin !

    Derailing your previous letter just serves to create a bigger problem as "Justice delayed is Justice denied"!

    Does the unfortunate petty official not realise who he is dealing with?

    It is no longer You ! It will be the Whole Cycling Community that will be backing you , as we the "unwashed , Legally unaware" are relying on your efforts to change the "mindset" of those who Should know better!

  2. Good luck with the letters. I've had poor enough results from contacting my MP over road surface issues, so I know how bloody hard it is just to get someone to listen.

  3. I hope you get a response from the right person eventually.

    I am currently trying to get the Police to take action against a motorist and his passengers who tried to assault me. If the guy who actually assaulted you only got a caution I can't imagine how minimal the punishment will be for those who I managed to avoid when they tried assaulting me.

  4. Brian O'Callaghan26 January 2011 at 22:51

    At 8.20 am on 18 August 2010 I was knocked from my bike in the City of London in what I think must be considered a deliberate act of aggression by someone I believe to be a professional driver of a corporate people carrier. He sped off without stopping, leaving me sprawled across the carriageway. A number of people came to my aid, however I was forced to choose between asking them to be witnesses and getting back on my bike to chase after the driver in order to identify him. I chased him down, photographed his number plate and told him I was reporting the matter to the police. Some weeks later I received a letter from the Police saying that they had been unable to identify the driver. When I questioned this, pointing out that I had a photograph and the registration of the vehicle I was told by the investigating officer that they would continue to pursue the matter. Today, I received a (pro forma) letter telling me that they would not be taking the matter further because there was no CCTV evidence and no independent witnesses.
    I find it incredible that there is no CCTV at a location just east of St Pauls. And the only reason there are no witnesses, is because he drove off at high speed. In any case, surely the lack of CCTV and witnesses was apparent in August. Surely, this driver is at least guilty of leaving the scene of an accident, and failing to report an accident.
    I shall now write to my local MP, Theresa May, in support of your letter.