Thursday 3 March 2011

Threat to kill and other updates

Still nothing of any substance from the police or CPS over the threat to kill me.  However somebody posting under the name 'innocent and proven so by police' is almost certainly the motorist involved and he has posted his account of the incident here.  Road CC have kindly added my unedited footage to the page so we can all enjoy a 'spot the difference' competition between his account and my video.  Whether it is true that the police have interviewed him and declared him innocent I have yet to discover, but I have contacted the police for an update.

Meanwhile I have heard back from my MP who has agreed to raise my concerns about the over-use of police cautions with the Home Secretary.  I am hoping for a more substantive reply in due course.


  1. It is nice that put the unedited video up. I doubt we will hear from that scumbag again on there. I got a letter from the Police regarding the assault I suffered stating nothing more that the investigation had been closed due to a lack of further leads. I hope you have more luck with your pursuit of justice

  2. Martin,
    It's depressing to read the words of the the individual concerned, who seems to be convinced that he is the injured party and that his behaviour was completely justified and reasonable. Of course, due to the evident inconsistencies of his claims with the footage, there seems to be a considerable degree of fabrication, but some of it could be a failure to recall accurately.

    This sort of occurrence is a good reason for more people who ride bicycles to wear cameras. Until we get dedicated safe and fit fro purpose infrastructure.

    I'm glad that you posted this and I'm also glad that you were uninjured. But I am horrified at the institutional discrimination (akin to racism) by the Police and Legal system that places the concern of motorists above cyclists and pedestrians.
    Just in case you aren't aware of it, here is a comparison of the penalties for drivers who kill cyclists and pedestrians, versus those penalties by taking life by other means. It shows a systematic bias in favour of the motorist. This has to stop.

    'A Critical Review of the Legal Penalties for
    Drivers Who Kill Cyclists or Pedestrians'
    J Voelcker, April 2007

  3. Typical victim-blaming. What a surprise.

  4. "Need a lawyer? My tips here" post is totally unnecessary when the "police" decide that video evidence in Thames Valley should be disregarded and in Manchester is used as the basis to ask Public Assistance !

    Your letter to Theresa May also appears to have been treated with disdain !

    More and more it is becoming evident that the Police are "highway robbers" , only available as revenue collectors and unable to assist the Vunerable in the community whether they have been burgled or assaulted or tangled up in a road rage situation .

    Touch someone's window or panelwork and you risk going to jail but be the victim of physical or verbal abuse and you become the victim of some money grubbing hooligan !

    Voelcker's review should be compulsory reading for the legal profession as well as those members of the Police force who care to do a day's work .

    That peasant that replied to either is giving us all the finger or the police which is even worse ! Incompetence by those police officers who interviewed him reflects on ALL their colleagues since it is obvious to a child that he as strung together a fiction !