Sunday 13 March 2011

Manchester Road Rage Incident

Two Manchester journalists who specialise in news  'inside the M60' have reported that, following the publicity given to the helmet-camera footage,  "A 47-year-old man was arrested on Saturday, 12 March 2011, on suspicion of assault and dangerous driving and remains in custody for questioning."

I will say nothing more now about the incident itself, but it does look as though the police in the North West compare (or contrast) very favourably with the police forces in the South East of the country.


  1. My comment on "Inside the M60" !

    "Congratulations to the Manchester Police for acting on the Video provided by the victim !
    Thames Valley Police on the other hand should be ashamed of their "pathetic response to a Cyclist who was "threatened with Death by a motorist" also captured on a Helmet Video . This story also has received Nationwide coverage so it is obvious that there is a problem that "Theresa MAY needs to sort out in her areas of responsibility , AND SOON ! has continually updated the story from last year and even took the matter down for a period as the Police assured him that an investigation was underway , not so though as the Police chose to close the matter !

    The motorist in that case had the audacity to comment on that he had been found innocent by the police but in my skippi-cyclist.blogspot i point out that those Police are happy to listen to "fairy tales" !

    Seems like real Police Officers with the community in mind work north of the North/South devide ?"

    NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE "THAMES VALLEY Police to get their act together and behave like "Human Beings and do the job the community pays them to do " thus regaining the respect we the public used to have for Policing !

    Revenue generation is for the Inland Revenue to find , not the "boys in blue" !

  2. Hi Martin,

    A bit off topic (I have no other way to contact you, but have you seen this 10 minute rule bill:

    'Ten minute Rule Motion: Andrea Leadsom: Dangerous and Reckless Cycling (Offences): That leave be given to bring in a Bill creating new offences of causing death or serious injury through dangerous or reckless cycling; to make provision regarding minimum sentencing and fines for those convicted of such offences; and for connected purposes.'

    Picked up in the media here:

    Cause for concern?