Monday 7 February 2011

Imperial Winter Series Race 11: Saturday 5th February

A mild 12ºC but with a very strong and blustery southwest wind which meant that I was bound to struggle.  My new Ribble winter training bike was introduced to racing today.  I would like to think that I had learned something from the last time I was out in the strong wind.  Possibly I did do a bit better for a while, keeping to the middle of the pack and avoiding the hazard area.  However, there were some strong riders making a sustained effort to break away and the pace was relentlessly high while that was going on.  After 20 minutes I was left hoping that the split would happen as I was on my limit and drifting to the back   Once at the back at around 30 minutes in, I was holding the penultimate wheel straight into the wind but the inevitable gap opened up and we were sunk.  We were by no means the first to be dropped and I believe that, frustratingly, the group of three got clear off the front just after I came off the back.  With a bit of help from other dropped riders and from the 4th cat race, I avoided being lapped until one to go.
For me it was 24.7 miles in 1hr 04m 50s.  An average speed of 22.9 and a max of 29.3 mph.
I am away next week so this was my last Winter Series race for this year.  It has, as always, been huge fun and provides some intense riding in the off season which I am just not motivated to find on the road or on a turbo.  A huge thank you to the Collins family and Imperial Racing for promoting the series.

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