Tuesday 21 September 2010

Time to complain

I do not consider myself to be a complaining type, but I have eventually got around to writing to the Chief Executives of AXA Insurance and Tellings Golden Miller, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the Chief Constable of Surrey.  The Chief Executives are of companies to whom I sent video clips of poor employee driving.  The policemen are the heads of police forces who have set up websites for reporting bad driving and ignored my reports, all made in a fit of enthusiasm when I started filming in July.
For good measure I have added an email today to Europlant Group (though I have not got to the Chief Executive stage with them yet) as I did not like this.
All the various clips are posted on youtube
It is dispiriting, though I suppose not desperately surprising, that only Royal Mail responded first time around; credit to them for that.


  1. that's nothing - i managed to film someone turning left while overtaking a cyclist (linky)

    Good luck with your complaints. The lowlife responsible for this overtake is still working as a bus driver for Stagecoach after they heard about his stunt.

  2. will be interested to learn how you get on with this. One would think that the addition of the letters QC at the end of a letter would make the recipient take notice.

    I've noticed comments from others who direct the police towards UTube footage that there can be a dismissive attitude because it is held in the medium. It might make a difference to include printed still photos and the evidence burned onto disk.

  3. "I do not consider myself to be a complaining type"

    Seriously? This blog is one looooong serious of complaints about everybody.