Saturday 11 September 2010

I am this

No more bears, black flies and stupefying heat for me for a while.  My first commute for a long while was last Thursday.  Unhappily skip lorries kill cyclists in hugely disproportionate numbers.  If you are killed in London it is very likely to be by a skip lorry.  This overtake was unacceptably close and also completely pointless.


  1. I admire your verbal restraint

  2. Welcome back - from some of us, anyway!

  3. Well he just 'Had' to reach the back of the que before you..

  4. I see you dealt with his very poor driving by pulling across a lane of traffic on to the chevrons in the middle of the road without properly looking behind you (I saw only there merest glimpse to the right of you) so that you could shout at the lorry driver.

    Cyclists seems to forget that they need to look behind them when they change direction. I ride my motorbike through central London most days and at least 2 or 3 times a week a peddle cyclist will veer across the road into my (usually much faster travelled) path requiring me either to perform an emergency stop or take evasive action. Of course if I ask a cyclist to look before he moves more often than not I get abuse.

  5. phatboy, you seem to have irrational issues with cyclists.
    The camera is mounted on the top of my helmet and does not depict what I see when I look behind me. I did look and there was nothing there.
    There is nothing wrong at all in entering the hatched dotted line area to overtake queueing traffic.
    I did not pass in order to shout at the driver, I passed in order to continue my journey to work.
    I am glad that you agree that the HGV driving was very poor.