Wednesday 15 April 2015

Team Townend Challenge 2015

On Saturday I will be repeating the ride I have done for the past two years in memory of Christian and Niggy Townend, who were so tragically killed in December 2010 when a coach drove into them whilst they were out riding in the Lake District.
Since I last did this ride just one year ago I have been dismayed yet again at the number of occasions when appropriate charges have not been brought against those who have killed cyclists or, if brought, have not been successfully prosecuted.
Roadpeace is a brilliant charity founded by bereaved relatives which works hard for road crash victims and campaigns for justice.
I know money is tight and I have already urged many of you to donate to the Cyclist Defence Fund to right some of the more obvious wrongs.
However with the prospect of a new Parliament and some new MPs it is more than ever vital that we support the work of Roadpeace.  Politicians are, for the most part, human and will be moved by the approaches made to them on behalf of their bereaved constituents.
Just to ensure that I find the ride challenging enough to merit some support I will ride it twice, once in each direction and once for each of the two brothers we are remembering.
Putting my own money where my mouth is I shall match donations up to £300, so doubling the value of your contribution to Roadpeace.
My fundraising page is here