Friday 4 April 2014

Maidenhead DCC 10 mile Time Trial 3rd April 2014: Etape prep.

My first competitive event of any description post-crash and my first time trial for 2 years.  I always used to do a 27:xx (I was never a good time triallist) and last night managed a 29:xx.  Two minutes may not seem very much but it represents only about two-thirds the power.  Interestingly my heart rate was just as high and the effort hurt at least as much.  My road to recovery and to reinvent myself has a long way to go!
It was a great night for Thames Velo though with a good turnout and 4 riders placing in the top 8, with some cracking times on 'ordinary' bikes.

Yesterday also saw SNCF taking train bookings for the summer.  I have tickets from Paris to Lyons for the Marmotte and the sleeper down to Pau for the etape all booked up for July at quite remarkable value.  Unfortunately Eurostar's policy towards the carriage of bicycles makes me feel compelled as last year to fly to Paris.  An absurd state of affairs that it is so much easier (and cheaper) to carry a bike on a plane than on a train.  I assuage my sense of guilt with the thought that I am at least limiting the distance that I fly.  As with cycling generally, it really ought to be made so much easier for people to do the right thing.

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  1. Good to see that you are at least able to enter competition once again ! Having paid for the Travel Expences for the " Le Etappe ", you will have ALL the incentive to move training to the level that provides success ?

    As regards the Traversty of Justice that allows "SMIDSY "as a Defence for STUPIDITY , ask yourself , what would a Drivers' attitude be to driving blind , along a high road in the Alps without guard rails ?

    TOO right ! Slowly ! Perhaps a few of the Judiciary should be required to ride a Bike each year , so as to prove they live in the real world !

    Those that visit/support " have already had their say about retired Police Officers lending their paid time to ensure Cycling Victims' Families are deprived of Insurance payouts !

    Meanwhile we see the GBP1Billion promised by BoZo being continually eroded as evidenced by the 7th Death at a Junction , recently dropped from the list of URGENT works !

    Those watching the Paris Marathon will notice the Handisports Chariots being propelled at the same pace as a Cyclist !

    How many more Cyclists need to be killed before Parliament realise that " Strict Liability Laws " will see a reduction in A & E Expenses , far outweighing any savings by the " Bedroom Tax "?