Wednesday 24 April 2013

APPCG Report and Petition

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group Report is now available.  I recommend reading the summary.  The full report sets out many of the representations made at the Inquiry before coming to those recommendations which the Group is making.
These recommendations are all sensible, moderate and achievable yet with the potential to effect a profound improvement for cyclists and the attractiveness of cycling.  I am hopeful that Government will find these proposals irresistible.  It calls for modest amounts of money  for cycling (starting at just £10/head which could surely be afforded given the savings in many departments that an increase in cycling would entail), designing roads and communities with cyclists in mind, appropriate speed limits, HGV design and control,  adequate law enforcement, training, education and political leadership.
There is so much sense in all this that I do urge you to take a moment, right now, to support this petition.

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  1. Thanks for the update !

    Cyclists being victimised by vehicles , need to STOP !
    SKY News revealed this report tonight as a " Major News Item ", good to see it getting WIDE PUBLIC Viewing .

    In a couple of Generations , it will be safe to ride London Roads , as by then , there will be more separation of Road Users . Meanwhile i will enjoy the sunshine and warmth of Austrian Country Roads even though there are some dutch & brits that think , bikes are not able to catch them when they choose to act the fool !