Tuesday 18 December 2012

Imperial Winter Series Race 3

A balmy 11 degrees but with a fairly stiff south-westerly wind and with the skies changing from bright to threatening as the race progressed and some light rain eventually appearing.  The 3rd cat race was not that full, probably about 30 of us.  At the start line Richard C requested a more exciting race than last week.  I was sorry not to be able to oblige.  For me it was just dipping my toe gently back into racing after 3 months recovering from a spill.  Here I felt safe sitting in towards the back regaining trust.  Far ahead there were some attempts to form a break with one group of six making some promising headway at one point into the wind on what is now the home straight.  I was a bit over anxious about the final bends close to the finish and went into them last and crossed the line just behind the bunch.  I was happy to have finished and that everybody remained upright.  Objective over the coming weeks is simply to regain some confidence.
After I remembered to turn the Garmin on about a lap in, we did 25 miles in a smidgen over an hour.  Average 24.7 mph.
Results and report should be here shortly