Thursday 5 July 2012

Masters Race Dunsfold 4th July 2012

It was the duty turn of Imperial Racing at Dunsfold aerodrome last night for the Surrey League Masters Race.  With the Collins family there it was like a throw back (or forward) to the Winter Series.  The rain was coming down as we signed on but fortunately it all but stopped by start time leaving an overcast sky with a southerly wind.  It may have drizzled but once you get going you do not notice it   I had a good race (not in the result which was 16th out of 17 finishers) but I made it into the early break and 3 of us were away for well over a lap.  One strong rider Seamus Kelly of Kingston Wheelers, attacked and got away on the first time down the back straight.  A rider in BMC kit then jumped after him as we got to the bend and I just stuck to his wheel.  Once we were away from the bunch I recovered sufficiently that we could do a two-up to Seamus, but he was fast and not waiting for us so it took us a half lap to catch up.  We then did a 3 up effort for a further half lap but Seamus was doing most of the work and at the end of lap 2 just after I had done a token turn he powered away.  When I looked back and saw we were dropping the BMC man, who had towed me up, I felt it was only sensible to stick with him.  We had a go at a 2 up to catch Seamus for a second time but it didn't work.  The bunch reappeared (photo shows us just before the catch) but then eased when they got to us and just sat behind us.  Seamus built up a gap again and half a lap later the 2nd cats jumped off to join him and stayed convincingly ahead until the finish.
Nice to be involved in a little more of the action than usual and I am left wondering if I could have made more of it with better tactics.  Two age grouped races are run simultaneously at Dunsfold and so with both Seamus and Chris in the younger age group than me..if only.

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