Thursday, 28 June 2012

Still racing?

Time to get away with my disillusionment with commuting and the criminal justice system and turn to more pleasant thoughts.  Whilst my commuting mileage is down I am upping my mileage riding to and then racing.  Unlike last year these are almost exclusively at racing circuits.  Although I love racing on the open road I am realistic enough to recognise that I will almost always be dropped (most probably on a descent) and, since road race fields are invariably full,  I am preventing somebody from having a proper race.  Overall I am a bit heavier and a bit slower than last year.  I am also a far more nervous rider on the downhill as a consequence of, not one but, two front tyre blow outs when descending this spring.
I am though, I think, marginally faster in the sprint.  Last year I was usually crossing the line 100 metres behind the peloton.  This year I am managing to cross the line with other riders all around me.  This helped me to a 9th place last week which, though hardly stunning, is my best result for two years and earned me 2 BC points.
When I started this blog 3 years ago I was a 4th cat and managed the 10 BC points required to become a 3rd cat.  Now half way through this season I have 2 points so, to answer my reader who kindly enquired whether I would ever make 2nd cat,  'no' I am afraid not; 40 points are required and short of EPO and blood transfusions, 2nd cat status is for me an impossibility.  About as likely, I would say, as being appointed Lord Chief Justice.

On a slightly different note, I will be doing the etape in the Pyrenees in a few weeks time.


  1. Maybe see you in the Pyrenees then... Promises to be one of the more brutal editions.

  2. A new pair of knees for the Pyrenees?

  3. I like your racing accounts, It makes me want to take it up. I would like to do a open road race, I dont fancy crits, I dont have the sprint power to finish it off.

    more racing stories please.