Monday 30 April 2012

Addison Lee

It is, I trust obvious what I think of the Addison Lee boss and his suggestion that cyclists are to blame for their own injuries by launching themselves onto our roads protected only by a foam hat.  I need not elaborate as this has been covered very well by Dr Robert Davies the Chair of Road Danger Reduction Forum.  As usual, I agree with all Dr Davis has to say and have no need to repeat it.

There are two small respects in which Addison Lee's Mr Griffin may have a point.  First in his derision of the protection afforded by cycle helmets in any kind of serious collision (though he draws the polar opposite conclusion from this than the one that he should).  Second in his complaint that Black Cabs are able to use bus lanes.  I have mentioned before that my experience of black cabs in London has not always been a happy one. (There must be some honourable exceptions to the stereotype; not least as somebody regularly turns up to race at Hillingdon in his Black Cab.)  I agree that black cabs with one or two passengers or those looking for any passenger have no business being privileged with the use of bus lanes.  If there is spare capacity (which I also question as there is no point in a bus lane unless it is largely empty) then let in vehicles with 4 or more occupants (whether black cabs, Addison Lee vehicles or private motorists).  This ought to be capable of being policed.  I am not advocating the promotion of the use of any private motorised vehicle in London.  However to treat Black Cabs as public transport and to favour them above those who have at least taken the trouble to car share, seems to me completely illogical.


  1. I read somewhere that Black cabs are allowed in bus lanes as they need access to the pavement as they can be hailed unlike private hire.

    1. As in John Prescott's infamous M4 bus lane for example? Seriously, I do not buy that argument, exemptions already exist for loading and unloading passengers.