Tuesday 6 September 2011

Helmet Camera Prosecution Updates

Scott Lomas - the trial on a charge of threatening/abusive words/behaviour which was due to take place tomorrow has today been adjourned at Lomas's request.  There will be another preliminary hearing, this time at West London Magistrates' Court on 20th September.

[UPDATE:  Lomas was apparently unwell on 20th September and appeared instead on 4th October.  The trial is now set to take place on 28th November 2011 at West London Magistrates Court (Hammersmith) at 0930.]

I have also learnt today that an individual whom I filmed has been charged with careless driving and his first appearance will be before Staines Magistrates' Court on 13th October.

[FURTHER UPDATE 09.12.11:  The Lomas case has been adjourned to 18th January 2012.  The Staines case against Christopher Bootle has been withdrawn due to an administrative failure to serve a Notice of Intended Prosecution in time].


  1. LOmas must realise the longer he delays the inevitable the more people will be aware of his case !
    Is he trying to claim that he is being " railroaded " or is he seeking notoriety ?
    Good to see that there is finally a case going forward in Staines Court without the rigmarole that we had with previous cases ! Perhaps it is an indication that some in the Thames Valley realise there is a problem on the roads and that the Cyclists need protection from those who THINK they are invunerable to the consequences of rash action !

  2. At HIS request? Family emergency or didn't feel like it, LOL??

    Seriously though I hope it goes forward. Its all part of the wider picture of how society has changed imo.

  3. Are you able to provide an update on the Scott Lomas case? We all want to know how this behaviour will be veiwed by the courts as most cyclists suffer this kind of abuse daily!

  4. Scott Lomas was apparently not well enough to attend Court on 20th September so will be appearing on 4th October instead. A trial date may be set at that hearing.