Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hounslow Roadrage Helmet Camera Incident Update

The ping-pong continues with the ball being batted many times between the CPS and the police with each in turn knocking the ball out of play then, following a complaint from me, batting it back.  The lastest is that a senior metropolitan police officer has now reversed the decision taken earlier that no prosecution should take place and has instead referred it back to the CPS to decide.  It is now for the CPS to consider whether the account given by my protagonist is remotely credible in the light of the video evidence.
A decision one way or the other will have to be made before 4th May, the six month anniversary of the incident.


  1. Following your blog with interest from Sweden Martin. Keep up the good work.
    Police and CPS are really making a case for themselves to investigate. Unlawful incompetence is a crime isn't it?
    Best Regards // Andrew - Sweden

  2. Great to hear. Well done.