Saturday 30 January 2010

Imperial Winter Series Race 10 Saturday 30th January

A bright sunny cloudless day with temperatures hovering just above zero with a northwesterly breeze that appeared to be a headwind most of the way around the circuit.  The sunshine brought out a big field for today's race.  I still have a stinging reminder of how painful it is to come off so was more than usually cautious.  I maintained a position towards the front until I punctured.  I felt the rim hit the tarmac on the sharp bend and it wasn't until I reached the apron with my hand up that everyone
had gone by and I found it safe to stop.  A little run across Minet Park back to the finish hut where I swapped my rear wheel for a circuit spare and reentered the race.  My aim was simply to finish comfortably in the bunch and I even started to move up in the penultimate lap before another major collision just ahead caused some sharp braking and loss of contact with the bunch.  I sprinted after them but to no avail.  I do hope those that came down are ok: hurts like hell for a while but at least it is slightly more heroic to come down in a race than on sheet ice.
Av Speed: I cannot say because of the puncture but the 3rd cats did not catch us this week.  [Postscript 24.3mph, source Lance Woodman]

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