Saturday 30 May 2009

DfT Consultation on safe roads

The Department for Transport is consulting on 'making Britian's roads the safest in the world'. Comments have to be made by 14th July, see
My contribution was as follows:
"Good as far as it goes but it lacks any proposal to educate motorists to give adequate room to cyclists. This requires them to understand that overtaking a cyclist is a manoeuvre that needs to be executed like overtaking any other vehicle and will usually necessitate changing lane. Close passing of cyclists and aggression towards cyclists who take appropriate space on the roads are major deterrents for cycling. The more cycling there is the more likely targets based on injuries per distance travelled will be reached."
Now is the opportunity for us cyclists to make ourselves heard. Cycling in this country is reasonably safe in statistical terms, but far too many tragic and unnecessary deaths are occurring. A significant barrier to popular cycling will be overcome when it can be demonstrated to be no more hazardous than driving a car.

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